What Are Bitters?

What spices are to a chef, bitters are to a barman. Bitters are usually used as an additive in a cocktail. They are traditionally flavoured with botanicals and spices, creating a product that is characterised by its bitter or bittersweet flavour.

The bitter flavour is the body's reaction to imbibing a toxin. Toxins existing in bitter plants such as Angelica root, gentian, chamomile, or even more common vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts. They exist as a defence mechanism to ward of predators, and while they can be harmful to animals or insects, actually have health benefits for humans. Digestive, metabolic and even cancer treatment properties have been found present in these ingredients.


Australia’s very first bitters company based in Melbourne. Created for the mutual love of bitters by a couple of bartenders and onlybitters.com, these two like-minded groups wanted to create a greater Australian presence in the bitters culture across the globe, offering unique new flavour combinations.